California Raisins

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About California Raisins

Sun dried California Raisins are sweet, juicy and intensely fruity. They can be used in a variety of different dishes, as well as being a delicious snack of their own.

The only elements used to produce California Raisins are plenty of sunshine and mountain water. With strict production processes and rigorous quality control, you can be assured that California Raisins will be 100% natural.

We truly believe they're the best raisins in the world. Why don't you try them and judge for yourself?

California Raisins - The Healthy Choice

California Raisins fit perfectly into healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle. They are a great source of natural energy and, they are available all year round, unlike seasonal fruit.

California Raisins contain only naturally occurring sugars, with no added sugars, that provide a slow release of energy throughout the day. These are a great snack or when you’re on the go, and also complement all types of dishes, from salads and main meals to desserts.

California Raisins - the Healthy Choice

Enjoy California Raisins

Danish Meatballs


California Raisins are used in all types of Danish dishes, from boller i karry to Cinnamon Swirls

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Finnish Cabbage Rolls (Kaalikääryleet)


From Kaalikääryleet to Raisin bread, California Raisins can be enjoyed in a range of sweet and savoury dishes

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Norwegian Pancakes (Svele)


Discover how California Raisins complement Norwegian delights like Svele or Boller Buns

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Raisin Cake


Whether it’s at breakfast, Fika or dinner time, California Raisins are enjoyed in Sweden throughout the day.

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Prep:20 minutter

Cook:35-40 minutter

Serves:4 portioner

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Prep:15 minutter + nedkøling

Cook:18-20 minutter

Serves:16 stk.

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Prep:15 minutter

Cook:12 minutter


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